Making Democracy Work

Issues of Local Interest

Topics & issues includes San Joaquin, California, and United States.

      Please click on the pages below to find out about each meeting,
      the speakers, and the recommended reading materials.

      (1) Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

      (2) Government Agricultural Programs and Regulations and Animal Management Issues

      (3) Financing and Economic Health of Agriculture

      (4) Consensus Meeting (LWV Members only)

      View our responses to the LWVUS Agriculture Update consensus questions,
      approved by the LWVSJC board.

  • City of Stockton 2013: Measure A & B - The local league has taken a position in favor of Measure A & B.

  • Water - The politics of water.

  • Library Privatization - The League's position on libraries.

  • Privatization Study - An on-going study of privatization. The study will result in official League positions.

  • Health Care - The California League has taken a strong postion. Page also includes local organizing and ways you can participate locally.

  • Measure K - The San Joaquin League's 2010 position on Measure K funding.

  • Gun Control - The League of Women Voters has a long standing position in support of gun control.